Saturday, 24 July 2010

What movie should I watch?

I often find my self bored, thinking what movie I should watch. I watch my movies online for free in HD at MovieShack, since I'm to lazy to go to blockbusters and to lazy to rent a movie. So I stream them for free instead.

When I'm bored, I've literally got the worlds biggest library of movies to my disposal, so I tend to follow these steps in choosing a movie from MovieShack:

Watch your favourite movies online in HD

Top 10 movies this week

I check IMDB for the top 10 movies this week and if there's one I like, I'll watch it on MovieShack.

Top 10 movies about to be released

Most movies which are going to be released in a week or so are already on movieshack, because there's something called a DVDScreener. I hear you're asking, "What's a DVD screener?" Well a DVD screener is basically a new movie which isn't in the cinemas yet, and has been sent to a chat show host, or something by the movie company to review it before it's released.

These however get leaked all the time, so DVD screeners of films are on movieshack ages before they're in cinema so I tend to watch those.

What film to watch with my girlfriend

I ask my self what film shall I go watch with my girlfriend, then surprise her with a new film like Twilight out before it's released and we can watch from the comfort of my apartment. She loves this, and I love her <3. style="text-align: center;">What are the top 10 films of 2010?

This is a question which is up for serious debate. It's hard to pick the best film of any genre or year, as critics will always have something bad to say. Luckily for me, MovieShack has EVERY major release film (whether it's indie or a blockbuster, it's on their site) of the last 7 years. So I simply browse by the year and tick highest grossing, and it'll give me the best films!

Watch your favourite movies online in HD

Pirates Of The Caribbean 4 (2011): Jack Sparrow Comic Con 2010

So, at Comic Con this year we were treated to something special, a first look at the Pirates Of The Caribbean 4. I'm sure everyone who's seen the films will admit they enjoy them very much. They're the perfect Universal film which will attend to everyones likings, whether you're a family looking for a day out or taking your girlfriend to the cinema, you'll enjoy this franchize.

The Pirates Of The Caribbean 4 Trailer "On Stranger Tides" has now been released online in Comic Con. If you like most other people didn't have a chance to attend Comic Con, you can see the trailer below.

I'm really looking forward to this film, as I haven't got a clue what the plot will be since Will is now the captain of that dreaded vessel.

Don't forget, you can watch the other movies in the franchize and more online at www.MovieShack.ORG free.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Watch Grown Ups Online Free Leaked from Regis and Kelly Streaming

You won't of read this in the news, but Grown Ups has recently been leaked online roughly the exact same time the movie has come out. This is of course a common thing to happen with movies, usually all blockbusters come out within a day or two in the pirate scene after they release, right? Well that's correct, however to make damages more vital grown ups has been released in DVD Quality!

Well, DVD Screener to be exact, which is the copy which is sent to companies who will end up doing publicity for the movie. For example, a big chat show host will watch the DVD screener copy and air their verdict on it, bringing in more publicity for the movie and in return watching the copy in DVD before it's even out.

This is a sweet deal, except for when things go WRONG!

As you can see in the image, usually when movies are sent to a publicist the release scene blurs out the name, in this case you can see where the leak came from in plain daylight! That bloody US chat show Regis and kelly leaked grown ups online! Will they face prosecution? I hope so.

As for the movie, I personally believe it was a flop. I watched the movie which got leaked both in the cinema and on my computer in leaked version, and I think grown ups is a bad movie. I wouldn't go to the cinema to watch it, but if you want to watch grown ups online free streaming in HD then I'd use the website MovieShack for it, as they've got all movies on there free. So yeah, go to, don't go to the cinema.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Watch True Blood Season 3 Episode 5

What a good episode this was. I really enjoyed episode 5 of the third season of true blood, because it's picking up from the last season. I admittedly did not enjoy the previous season very much, mostly because it dragged on and on to an ending which was very abrubt. With the exception of the godric story line and the godric burning video, of course.

This episode is proving that this season will NOT be like the previous. Each episode is full of action which is what we expect from our beloved show, but it's taking that one step further also. You've come to see in most shows such as Prison Break, Heroes, Smallville and the others that the shows decline and get worst as we continue to watch them usually not tipping the first epic season producted. With true blood this is not the case, as True Blood Season 3 is the best season yet.

Warning: Spoilers

In this episode we see how crazy Tara's kidnapper really is, and it's a very disturbing thing to watch. With Tara destined to become a vampire bride in the upcoming episodes, this is a gripping story line which will no doubtely be her biggest roll in the series thus far, and a brilliant move from playing the foul mouthed sidekick we're used to seeing.

We're also coming to see the magistrate is a powerful man with little requirement of Bill after all, as Bill is cut off and shown a much more forceful side to the partnership so far.

What we did get to see, which I love in all Vampire style movies or series, is the Eric flashback scene to where he's a viking and watches his family murdered by the magistrate and wolves. Eric now has a reason to join in this fight and will surely seek vengeance as proclaimed by and promised to his father. The story tightens.

And of course, we finally get to see what we've been waiting for, more of Sookie Stackhouse's abilities! What the hell can she do with the zap of light? Is she some kind of holy paladin! I for one, definitely want to see and learn more of it.

To watch Season 3 Episode 5 Trouble of True Blood online FREE, go to